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English guitarist, songwriter and singer, Ted Turner is best known for his work with the 1970’s rock band Wishbone Ash, in which he was famed for his twin lead guitar instrumental arrangements alongside Andy Powell. These attributes resulted in Ted and Andy being voted ‘two of the most important guitarists in rock history’ by Traffic Magazine.  Ted was also voted one of Rolling Stone’s ‘Top Twenty Rock Guitarists of All Time.’  

Ted’s journey began at the age of seventeen when he taught himself to play the guitar whilst listening to the radio and playing along to his record collection. By the time he was eighteen, he had joined a local band called King Biscuit. At nineteen, after answering an ad in Melody Maker (then Britain’s premier pop/rock magazine), Ted was invited to audition for a new and as yet un-named band (for Martin Turner and Steve Upton). Impressed by Ted’s raw talent, Turner and Upton paired Ted with Andy Powell and the twin harmony guitar sound was born. The rest is history. Other opportunities arose; such as being invited to play on John Lennon’s iconic album, Imagine.

After extensive touring, Ted left Wishbone in 1974 to pursue a personal pilgrimage. Whilst traveling, he was drawn to the comprehensive works of Buckminster Fuller, becoming involved in the ‘World Man Band’ (alongside Michael Mitchell) – an initiative designed to raise global consciousness through rock music.

In 1989, Ted reunited with the original members of Wishbone Ash to record Nouveau Calls for Miles Copeland III’s No Speak label. A personal highlight of this period was being invited to join Copeland’s Night of the Guitar tour; working alongside fellow band member Andy Powell and other guitar legends such as Randy California, Peter Haycock, Steve Howe, Steve Hunter, Robby Krieger, Leslie West, Alvin Lee and Jan Akkerman.

Since leaving the band for the second time in 1992, Ted has continued to explore eclectic musical influences which have formed his latest album, a collaboration with his wife Majella, whom he is excited to introduce to the world.