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English singer, songwriter, and actor, Majella, began creating as a young child, and by her early teens was showcasing her songwriting skills around the U.K. Her rich ancestral Celtic roots had always been a driving force in the composition of evocative songs that tell stories.

She continued to develop this passion when training in Drama at Bretton Hall. As a young budding artist, she was focused on combining her love of music and theatre, and also as a playwright.

Majella’s theatre experience was put to further good use when she began teaching and leading workshops in schools. Establishing a Theatre in Education company, she specialized in producing artistic responses to community needs.

During this time, Majella wrote, directed and performed in a series of popular and original musical plays, which explored the gritty reality of the community in which she lived. With the aim of liberating younger audiences, her plays encouraged them to be bold in seeking their dreams. Educating children not only defined her as a person but also as an artist – a period of her life that she refers to as “paid therapy” in that, she found her students to be her greatest teachers.

Having recently married Ted Turner and relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, Majella is proud to have collaborated with her husband on their first album Better Together, a body of which she describes as “a beautiful testament to their love.”